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  One day during the summer vacation, my mother and I went to the Great Wall to see the magnificent Great Wall。

  My mother and I rode to the foot of the Great Wall, only to see the Great Wall rolling like a dragon, creeping slowly, reaching to the far horizon。。。 We know the history and orientation of the Great Wall while we go to the Great Wall。 The Great Wall of the Great Wall rises from the mountains and customs, the west to the jiayuguan pass, and the mountains。 It is the crystallization of the wisdom of the Chinese people。 There were six beacon towers on the Great Wall of badaling, and it was said that the towers could spread intelligence thousands of miles away in ancient times。 The beacon tower is pided into two layers, the upper part is the observatory, the lower ground is where the soldiers eat and sleep。 Once you find out the enemy, you can ignite the beacon and spread the word far away。 It shows how important it was in the military at that time。 Under the Great Wall, there were thick woods, and from time to time they heard the chirping of birds and the voices of the tourists, who marvel

  ed at the great building。 I wonder why the Great Wall, after more than two thousand years, is still so strong? It is a miracle in the history of architecture。[由www.hAozuowEn.com整理]

  The Great Wall is too strong! It is reminiscent of the great motherland, and wish our beautiful motherland stronger and stronger。





  The Great Wall is a spectacular, is the pride of the Chinese children! Far see the Great Wall, it is like a long dragon, in between the mountains winding。 The sides of the Great Wall, surrounded by green trees, very beautiful。

  Down the long lane, we climbed the Great Wall。 At this time, we will find one every two or three meters ChengTai, this is the bulwark of station troops and war, between the ChengTai can mutual echo。

  Look at the countless stone again, a two or three one thousand jins weight, there was no train。 Auto crane, rely on countless countless hands, shoulders carried on the steep mountains, step by step。

  Standing on the Great Wall, stepping at the foot of the square brick, holding the stone on the wall, naturally associated with the working people of ancient building of the Great Wall。 Working people shoulder carrying stone, from time to time wipe the sweat, their clothes with rotten, bleeding, but still insist on。 How many working people sweat and wisdom, to condense into the front head。 After the end of the Great Wall!

  In my eyes, the Great Wall is a beautiful forever!




  站在长城上,踏着脚下的方砖,扶着 墙上的条石,很自然的联想到古代修建长城的劳动人民来。劳动人民肩膀上扛着条石,不时擦擦汗,他们的衣服抹烂了,身上流血了,但还坚持着。多少劳动人民的血汗和智慧,才凝结成这前不见头。后不见尾的万里长城!



  The Great Wall

  The Great Wall building has a long history, vast engineering magnificent, is the world's rare miracle。 The Great Wall is the four corners of the world, stretching in our great motherland vast land。 It looks like a great dragon, surmounts lofty hills, through the vast grassland, across the vast desert, towards the vast sea。 According to historical records, more than 20 states and feudal dynasty built the Great Wall, if constructs each time the Great Wall together, about 100000 miles above。 The length of the Great Wall that was built by The Qin, Han, and Ming 3 Dynasty was more than 10 kilo miles。 Now our country Xinjiang, Gansu, Ningxia, Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi, Hebei, Beijing, Tianjin, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Henan, Shandong, Hubei, Hunan and other province, city, autonomous regions have the ancient the Great Wall, peak fire platform remains。 Of which only the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region the Great Wall amounted to more than 3。

  The Ming Dynasty in the" outside" beyond the Great Wall, also built" inside" and" three" the Great Wall the Great Wall。 " Neiguan" the Great Wall in the Northern Qi Dynasty had built for the foundation, from Inner Mongolia and Shanxi at the junction of west east “Pianguan”, the Yanmenguan, flat various pass into Hebei, and then turned to the northeast, Fangshan, Changping, the source

  of all counties, to pass, and then by the North and East, Huairou to the four customs, and" outside" is connected to the Great Wall, Zijingguan as the center, generally in a north-south direction。 " Three" the Great Wall in many places and" inside" the Great Wall, some places two cities are separated by only tens of in。 In addition, but also to build a large number of" repeated walls"。 Yanmenguan area" repeated walls “to have 24 much!

  The Great Wall is the working people in ancient China created the miracle。 Beginning with QinShihuang, constructs the Great Wall always is a big project。 According to the record, QinShihuang used the million of labors to build the Great Wall, occupy countrywide population 1  20! There were no machinery, in addition to earth, carrying bricks can use donkeys, goats can climb the cattle, all labor and all must rely on manpower, work environment and high mountains and lofty hills, cliff。 Can imagine, no large crowds on hard work, is unable to plete the great project。

  The great wall of the engineering quantity, according to rough estimates, only constructs take the Ming Dynasty as an example, if its masoy, earth is used to build a thickness of 1 meter, 5 meters high walls, circled the earth for over a week。 If used for paving a 5 meters wide, 35 cm thick road, it could circle the earth three or four

  weeks。 If all dynasties built a total of 50 thousand kilometers calculation, then this wall can rotate around the earth several weeks, this road, around the earth in thirty or forty weeks。

  “Because of the terrain, with risks for plug" is the construction of the Great Wall is an important experience, in the age of QinShihuang had it down, Sima Qian writes it to" historical records"。 Later each dynasty build the Great Wall are in accordance with the principle of。 Who built Guan Cheng pass are the right and wrong choice between two mountains canyons, or river turning point。 Or flat contacts pass through, so as to control is important, and may save the manpower and materials, to achieve “If one man guards the pass, ten thousand are unable to get through。 Ten thousand cannot force it," effect。 Built a castle or Beacon Tower is selected in the" appeared to place" for building a wall, is the full use of the terrain, such as Juyongguan, the Great Wall in Badaling are built along the mountain ridge, some lots from the lateral walls look very steep, we receive" inside is smooth, easily defensible 。" effect of。 In the territory of Liaoning, Liaodong town of Ming Dynasty the Great

  Wall has called a precipitous wall, wall of the hill, is the use of vertical cliff, precipice slightly to split cutting you will bee the Great Wall。 Some places

  pletely using the cliffs, rivers and lakes as a natural barrier, it can be called art beats nature。 The

  Great Wall, as a great project, bee the Chinese nation is a valuable heritage。

  长城修筑的历史悠久,工程雄伟浩大,是世界少有的奇迹。长城东西南北交错,绵延伏于我们伟大祖国辽阔的土地上。它好像一条巨龙,翻越巍巍群山,穿过茫茫草原,跨过浩瀚的沙漠,奔向苍茫的大海。根据历史文献记载,有20多个诸侯国家和封建王朝修筑过长城,若把各个时代修筑的长城加起来,大约有10万里以上。其中秦、汉、明3个朝代所修长城的长度都超过了1万里。此刻我国新疆、 甘肃、 宁夏、 陕西、 内蒙古、 山西、河北、北京、 天津、 辽宁、 吉林、 黑龙江、 河南、山东、湖北、湖南等省、市、自治区都有古长城、峰火台的遗迹。其中仅内蒙古自治区的长城就达3万多里。





  叫山险墙、劈山墙的,就是利用悬崖陡壁,稍微把崖壁劈削一下就成为长城 了。还有一些地方完全利用危崖绝壁、江河湖泊作为天然屏障,真能够说是巧夺天工了。长城,作为一顶伟大的工程,成为中华民族的一份宝贵遗产。


  Far see the Great Wall, want to a long, winding between mountains。 From shanhaiguan east to west of jiayuguan, has more than thirteen thousand。

  Starting from Beijing, but it came to the Great Wall at the foot of a few tens of kilometers。 This section of the Great Wall built in badaling, tall, strong, is built against the huge stone and ChengZhuan。 With square brick on the top of the wall, very smooth, like a wide road, WuLiuPi mark in parallel。 Outside walls along the rows of buttress has two meters high, there are square on buttress scanned and shot mouth, mouth for scanned and shooting。 The wall on the top of every three hundred meters there is a square ChengTai, is the bulwark of station troops。 Battle, echo each other between into Taiwan。

  Standing on the Great Wall, step on the foot square brick, holding the stone on the wall, naturally think of the ancient working people to build the Great Wall。 Look at the countless stone, there have a two or three one thousand catties。 Then there is no train, automobile, crane, rely on countless countless hands, shoulders, step by step to carry on the steep mountains。 How many working people sweat and wisdom, to condense into the former see head, after the end of the Great Wall。

  Verve as grand project, is a great miracle in the history of the world。






  The Great Wall of China

  The Great Wall of China is called the "Ten-thousand-Ii Great Wall" in Chinese。In fact, it's more than 6000 kilometres long。 It winds its way from west to east, across deserts, over mountains, through valleys till at last it reaches the sea。 It is one of the wonders of the world。

  The Great Wall has a history of over twenty centuries。The first part of it was built during the Spring and Autumn Period。 During the Warring States Period, more walls were put up to defend the borders of the different kingdoms。 It was during the Qin Dynasty that the kingdom of Qin united the different parts into one empire。 To keep the enemy out of his empire, Emperor Qin Shi Huang had all the walls joined up。Thus, the Great Wall came into being。

  The Great Wall is wide enough at the top for five horses or ten men to walk side by side。 Along the wall are watchtow-ers, where soldiers used to keep watch。 Fires were lit on the the towers as a warning when the enemy came。

  It was very difficult to build such a wall in the ancient days without any modern machines。 All the work was done by hand。 Thousands of men died and were buried under the wall they built。 The Great Wall was made not only of stone and earth, but of the flesh and blood of millions of men。

  Today the Great Wall has bee a place of interest not only to the Chinese but to people from all over the world。Many of them have e to know the famous Chinese saying: "He who does not reach the Great Wall is not a true man。"


  中国的长城汉语中常叫作“万里长城”。实际上它长6 ooo多公里。它从西到东,穿过沙漠,越过高山,跨过深谷,蜿蜒而行,最终直到海边。它是世界上的奇观之一。






  The Great Wall, is the symbol of the Chinese nation, its magnificence, is the place we look forward to the people of the world。

  The Great Wall is like a huge dragon winding is located in the badaling, ups and downs in the mountains, ancient and solemn。

  Look forward to the Great Wall, the Great Wall no head, looked back, the Great Wall is not the tail。 Ah! Really not the kui is called the "Great Wall"。 So how long wall built in? You might ask, how much manpower has been spent on the Great Wall? Chinese ancient working people with intelligence, just built the world famous Great Wall, thus, we the Chinese people are great!

  Grass at the foot of the Great Wall, slightly nod, the flowers waved。 The wings of the butterfly flapping shine。 Valley cloud, like a white gauze covered in the whole valley。 Swallows dancing lightly over the valley, scissors tail like flash。 What a beautiful view!

  Point of view, the Great Wall not only attracts people with its majestic, but also attracts people with beautiful scenery。

  I love my country's long history, splendid culture, the more love it was splendid。








  The Great Wall is one of the "world heritage" in our country, it is like a dragon hovering in the northern Chinese vast land。 The epitome of the ancient Chinese working people sweat and wisdom, is the symbol of ancient Chinese civilization。 It now, however, is to smile, is suffering from the wreck and destruction of people, has lost its past glory and majesty。

  As more and more tourists to visit the Great Wall, brought obvious damage to the Great Wall, for example: such as white plastic bags, water bottles, peel, confetti trash everywhere, seriously damaged the health of the Great Wall。 Tourists also graffito of the scribble on the wall, make the wall stretched, destroyed the beauty of the Great Wall。 Local villagers are horse-refraining pits and on the path to the Great Wall the erection of the ladder, secretly run to collect fees, I'm ashamed of their behavior。 Worse is that some real estate developers for their own interests, regardless of other people's discouraging, built a lot of buildings around the Great Wall, excavators rumbling, forklift truck is still in back and forth, very busy, do not hesitate to destroy the scenery around the Great Wall, accelerate the destruction of the natural landscape around the Great Wall。。。

  Standing on the Great Wall, holding the stone on the wall, ear seems to sounded the horn, the ancient war eyes seemed to show verve magnificent scenes in wartime。 Great Wall through countless the baptism of war and the years vicissitudes of life, still stand tall in front of us。 It with grand and spectacular attracts numerous tourists to visit。 It is a symbol of our ancient working people's wisdom。 So, we need to protect the Great Wall。 As long as the tourists throw less trash, the Great Wall will be more beautiful。 Therefore, I want to tell you: please protect our ancient Great Wall! Let us join hands to start from the us, start from now and make a civilized tourists。

  I believe that as long as you are my efforts, the ancient Great Wall will always magnificent stands on this vast land of China。






  In the open season of lotus flowers, the weather in Beijing is very hot, the hot sun is on the head, but we are going to visit the capital for sightseeing, regardless of the heat, my mother took me to the Great Wall。

  We went to the Great Wall and went to the Great Wall by car。 Wow! What a Great Wall it is! It looks like a giant dragon lying on the mountain, rise and fall, high and high! Just put the back of your head on your back and you can't see the top。

  We follow the narrow stairs to climb up a fire station, and walked out the door, came to the wall, then grabbed the rail uphill climb, on the steps, one at a time, had a a beacon tower, only to half on the Great Wall, I was too tired to sweat, panting, like a frustrated the ball, a butt sitting on the ground couldn't climb up, "Xuan Xuan, the path of your feet are workers built with sweat, must climb up。" "Remember the phrase" not to the Great Wall "? "Mother said twice。 I immediately increased by one hundred times the effort, quickly ran on the top of the Great Wall, in the last paragraph, the steep stone ladder faster has touched the nose, heated, heart rate, asthma, after the final struggle, I finally climbed the Great Wall。

  At this time, I saw all Beijing reflected in my eye curtain, really "want to be poor thousands of thousands of eyes, more upstairs", I deeply realized the true meaning of these two lines of poetry。






  Look, the Great Wall looks like a long dragon, winding between mountains and mountains。 From the shanhaiguan pass to the west end of jiayuguan, there are more than 13,000 li。

  Now we have e to the foot of the Great Wall。 This section of the Great Wall was built on badaling, and it was made of huge stones and bricks。 The top of the wall was paved with square bricks, very flat, like a wide road, and five or six horses in parallel。 The walls are lined with rows of two metres high, with squares on them。 Mouth and mouth, for? Look and shoot。 At the top of the wall, there was a square tower every three hundred meters, a fortress of soldiers, and at the time of battle, the towers of the city were able to echo each other。

  Now we are standing on the Great Wall, with the square brick under foot, holding the stone on the wall, and you will naturally think of the ancient people who built the Great Wall。 Single the countless stone, a piece of have two or three one thousand catties, at that time there were no trains, cars, no crane this steep ridge, rely on countless countless hands, shoulders to the time of the working people is great。

  It is a great miracle in the history of the world。

  Is the majesty of the Great Wall so magnificent that it does not make us deeply intoxicated? So let's do that for ourselves。







  The Great Wall is a symbol of China。 Far from the majestic wall, like a long dragon winding between mountains and mountains, from shanhaiguan to jiayuguan, there are more than 13,000!

  From Beijing, only a few tens of kilometers can reach the foot of the Great Wall。 Ah, the Great Wall is long and long, at first sight, as if the giant snake lay on the mountains to rest。 The Great Wall is made of many stone and brick。 The top was paved with square bricks, and it was as neat as a broad road, and five or six horses could walk abreast。 Outside walls along the rows of buttress has two meters high, above the square at the mouth and the nozzle, for observation and shooting, and on the top of the wall, a ChengTai every few hundred meters - ancient war can mutual echo。 The Great Wall is not a single wall, but a plete engineering system posed of walls, enemy buildings, guancheng, pierburg, camp city, wei place, town tower, and other fortifications。

  Standing on the Great Wall, it is natural to think of the ancient working people who built the Great Wall。 If you look at the stone, it weighs two or three kilograms。 There were few tools at that time, and it was only by the hands of countless people on the shoulders of countless people, and one by one, they lifted up the steep mountains。 The blood sweat and wisdom of the working people, the Great Wall of the Great Wall, which has not been seen before, is not seen。 Such an ambitious project is a great miracle!