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  My hometown is no strange steep mountains, also does not have the spectacular waterfalls, less famous scenic spots。 But in my heart, there is a kind of beauty, a kind of indescribable beauty。 A kind of elegant and not mon, expensive and not every beauty; The beauty of a deep-rooted, never die; Let me is most lasting。 Hometown is born I keep my place, where there is my familiar homeland; I have loved ones; My childhood, I have wonderful memories。

  Home, seems to be inclusive, and then when I was frustrated, it let me enjoy the catharsis; I am happy again, it let me sing; When I was a success, it warns me proud; When I was a failure, it encouraged me don't be discouraged。 As long as in my hometown, a smile, a concern greetings, sincere encouragement, can let a person feel inparable happiness; As long as in my hometown, a bunch of beautiful flowers, a wisp of thick tender feelings, a sympathetic regrets, can let people prehend the true meaning of personal。 It found that, hometown is so warm。

  Hometown, is a boating shelter, faced with difficulties, it will sincerely accept you; Home, is an umbrella when it rains, when meet danger, it will take you to keep out; Home, is one of the long drought desert on pools, twinkle when you're cornered, it also in silently for you encouragement, e on, let the sentence "all road, away from her" bee a reality; Home was a sea of light, when you don't know the direction, it is right in front of guidance for you。[由www.hAozuowEn.com整理]

  Home, sounds so nice。 It is standing behind me in silence the backer, is when I hunger meal, is when I was ill, plaster, is the warmth of my mind most deep place。 Home of the patch, ever let me step, it is so smooth。 The silk hometown trickle, ever let me drink, it's so sweet。 Hometown of the food, feed I grew up, it is so sweet。

  Don't say mountain, located in the hometown of the water, don't talk about hometown more people who do not speak hometown, alone home, can let a person silent。







  My hometown is in Qingdao, is a picturesque scenery, picturesque place。

  In the spring, when the warm spring breeze blowing up the earth, mountains home put on the green。 Green grass, green trees, green forests, look, starts, like the sea of green。

  Summer, rainy season, the hometown of river has bee our good place for summer。 I saw on both sides of the river two rows of willows reflected in the river, the breeze blowing, shadow in the water ripples, microwave clear, under the shining of the sun to the eye。 We came to the river, sometimes singing, sometimes game, sometimes mixed stirring little feet into the water。 Gentle flapping our little feet of the water in the river, like a mother stroked us, very fortable。

  Autumn, the fruit of the harvest season, the large, round apple red in the face。 A purple yingying grapes are full of shelves, each one red persimmon ripe persimmon tree。 The growers are busy day and night, with harvest smile on his face。

  In winter, like snow falling from the sky, around a silvery white, as if into a fairy tale world。 We are together make a snowman, snowball fights, really very happy。

  My hometown is a year the four seasons scenery attractive, it's so beautiful!




  秋天,水果丰收的季节,那又大又圆的苹果笑红了脸 。一串串紫盈盈的葡萄挂满了架子 ,柿子树上一个个红灯笼似的柿子成熟了。果农们日夜忙碌,脸上带着丰收的微笑。




  My hometown is a place of agricultural products is very rich。 For example: a delicious banana, orange juice taste more beauty and eat papaya can keep word beauty。。。 Etc。

  At present, the township Po is toward persified development, agricultural products actively improved crops。 For example: the yam yam noodle is made; Made of stone and stone lotus lotus tea, let love beautiful people raise colour and beauty, also can fill gas, really serve several; Luffa affordable and economical and practical, the farmers think of opportunely made of sponge gourd dew, can beauty, both natural and environmental protection。

  The Po township, in addition to food and sweet fruit taste every, you must not miss contact with beautiful scenery of nature and natural hot springs。 If you want to preserve one's health, remember to bubble, a bubble hot spring, a breath of fresh air, by the way, let your body and mind immersed in the embrace of nature。 In addition, you can e green surplus farm, can appreciate the farm, a rare animals or close to kerry, sat on a big lawn grass, by the way, enjoy the breeze blowing face, enjoy the evening sunset, this is really a enjoy life。

  Can live in this beautiful place, I will hold dear, and villagers to do a good job of environmental protection, efforts to remend home characteristics。 If you e to Po township, please be sure to feel her good。



  到了埔乡,除了品尝每位的食品和香甜的水果之外,你必须不能错过接触大自然的完美风景和天然温泉。如果你要养生,记得到温泉泡一泡,顺便呼吸一下新鲜的空气,让自我的身心陶醉在大自然的怀抱中。另外,还能够来一趟绿盈农场,欣赏农场里稀有的动物或是能够亲近小乳牛,顺便坐 在一片绿茵的大草地上,享受微风吹过脸庞的感觉,欣赏傍晚晚霞,这真是人生一大享受。



  My hometown is Changsha, the capital city of Hunan Province。 Changsha used to be a prasperous city in ancient times。 It is widely known of a tomb in Changsha, Mawangdui。 Mawangdui has witnessed how rich Changsha was in han dynasty。

  Although Changsha is a historical city, it is not enough modern as Beijing or Shanghai。 It became less important and prosperous due to its ordinary location。 On account of the development of industry, Changsha is polluted severely。 Sky is not that blue and water is no longer clean。 Fog casts a shadow on every person in Changsha。


  My hometown really beautiful, I love my hometown!

  My home town is a beautiful place。 It stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice。But in the old days it was a poor and backward little town。 Many people had no work。 They lived a hard life。In 1949 my hometown was liberated。 Since then great changes have taken place there。 The streets have been widened。 Factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another。 The life of the people is greatly improved。I love my hometown。 All the more I love its people。 They are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful。I am from ShenZhen。 In spring ,the weather is warm and wet。 I can play kite。 In summer, the weather is hot and wet。 I can swim in the swimming pool。 In the autumn, the weather is cool and dry。 I can play kite, too。 In the winter, the weather is cold and dry。 It never snow。Wele to my hometown! Shanghai is my hometown。 It is a modern and busy town。 It has a long history。 There are many big supermarkets, beautiful gardens and good factories here。 It is very easy to go shopping。 You can see big trees and nice flowers。 There are many restaurants in Shanghai。 The food tastes very delicious。You can enjoy eyery minutes of it。 Many visitors e here to enjoy it。


  Everyone has his own hometown, so do I。 Do you want to know my hometown? Let me tell you something about it。

  I was born in Shicun Town。 It lies in the north of Guangrao。 It’s about 10 kilometers from Guangrao county。 Although there are not high mountains or long rivers, there are friendly and hard-working people like my parents, there are my good friends that have played and studied with me since we were young children。 So I still think it is the most beautiful and I love it very much。


  My home is in a town。 It lies in the east of Zhejiang near the East SeA。It has a population of fifty thousand。 Our town is in the south of our county。The Ease Sea is to the east of the town。 To the south is flat land。 Mountains are on the west。 And a river runs from north to south in the west of my town。

  The weather here is good。 It is not so cold in winter or so hot in summer。 So the sea near my town is full of all sorts of fish。 The fishermen of my home town are all living a happy life。


  My hometown is a remote small mountain village, but I like it like that after the rain the soil fragrance, where people are friendly and hospitable, birds pleasant cried streams flowed to the branches, I in shenzhen and I have seen such a beautiful landscape, water pollution, the animal cruelty to kill these signs are that how unfriendly the city people do not know the value of life。

  Looked at the grass faint stream could not help but want to take off the shoes, the foot gently into the river。 Ah! Really cool, really, really fortable。 Then with the lovely small fish shrimp in the water, in the field of large yams, occasionally found a frog。

  Pulled out a few sweet potatoes, next to dig a hole, doing the test yams, very sweet。 Looked at the blue sky, eating delicious sweet potatoes, standing on the feet soft water, listening to the singing frog elder brother。

  Time to eat, although is not like in their own home, there is no greater than meat to eat, but have their enthusiasm to keep on the very satisfied! After a while, sister brought a bowl of sweet corn soup。 Play a day also hungry, and big drink up, ah! Hometown of corn were sweet, tender and juicy, sweet mouth, quite and end on a dish of cabbage, heard that is a big jiu drawn back to the field, especially delicious called me to try, I pick up a piece of pure Chinese cabbage, although he looks ugly, the taste is not can use words! Crispy and double have a cool and not be bored with of good taste!

  This is my home to introduce, a lonely but beautiful place!







  My hometown is Haimen。 It’s not very large, but it’s very beautiful。 There is less air pollution in Haimen than in other areas of Nantong。 There is a beautiful park; its name is Dongzhou Park。 You can exercise and go walking there。 There are about one million people in Haimen。 Most of us live in flats。 They are not very high。 There is a supermarket here。 Its name is Times Supermarket。 It has three floors。 It is very large。 There are many things in it, such as clothes, snacks, stationery, an electrical shop and a bookshop。

  The weather in Haimen is good。 In spring it’s warm。 Many birds fly in the sky。 The flowers are very beautiful。 It’s hot in summer。 We keep air-conditioners on every day。 It is cool in autumn and in winter it’s very cold。 Do you like my hometown?


  Wele to my hometown!

  My home town is a good place 。

  It is near a hill。 There are many big trees、beautiful flowers and nice food。

  There is a shopping mall in the centre of the town。There are many shops in the shopping mall。Such as: clothes shops 、shoe shops、sports shops and KFC。It also has a park。You can go walking there 。You can see green trees and lakes ,too。

  There is little air pollution,because cars can't go into the centre of the town。

  Peple here are very friendly and helpful 。

  I think my home town is a wonderful place to live。

  I love my home town!


  My hometown - Yang Village, is a very beautiful is very beautiful place, especially in spring and autumn season, is much more beautiful!

  Came to the spring, young trees are covered with buds, grass full of flowers grass, flowers everywhere, there are red, yellow, purple, white。。。 , the breeze blowing gently, like a voice in the say "hello" with us, the grass out small head, butterflies flying in the air, like a spring so the niang in the dance。 The birds are singing cheerful songs for the children。 The stream of water on the bottom, you could see the fish in the river on the。。。

  Fall, fruit tree full of fruit, in the distance, the apple tree little sister ate a big apple, in the face with a smile of joy, face is red, like a big apple。 In other under the tree, there are the children playing cheerful, some in the play skip rope, some are playing catch people, some are playing hide-and-seek, and playing touch people。 The wind blow, like autumn girl in lovely children to wipe the sweat。。。

  Ah! My hometown is beautiful! I love my hometown, love the hometown of the spring and autumn!






  wherever i am, i find it hard to resist the tempting call of my hometown。 situated at the north-western tip of xin-zhu county, bordering tao-yuan county with a small winding stream is my old hometown, the humble and bleak fishing and farming village。 the residents there used to make their living by fishing in their boats on the nearest waters of the taiwan strait。 later, those boats were heavily outrun by modern ships。 since then, life has never been easy for the villagers, as they have to live off the tiny pieces of land。 i often feel that they are peasants rather than farmers。 the village is famed for its windy weather, bad for farming but good for the strengthening of character。 i can still recall how those salty winds howled all the way through my childhood。 but as i now look back upon those tough days and drab rural lives, i feel blessed; i seem to have gone through the ordeal and am capable of facing any hardships。 as i am growing older, in my heart, my hometown has bee the symbol of the deepest nostalgia and stood for an everlasting affection。 i, in turn, can always seek solace through visualizing my lovely hometown。


  My hometown is beautiful, the hometown of a stream is the most worth up attachment to place。

  In spring, in the thick forest, streams "hua hua" to sing, songs of joy into the distance。 Bird "chirp" over the stream, is greeting the stream sister! Look, the spring breeze mother-in-law also came here, is to stream b my hair! The glimmer of layers of ripples, is the stream sister。 Then, we came here。 We send the stream sister bundles of beautiful flowers。

  Summer arrived, streams and singing a happy song, to wele summer sister。 The fiery red sun shines on the lush forest, cicadas in the trees cried, as if speaking to stream sister。 The stream to the crops, see they are going to die, then, gave a drink of water。 Rootstocks spirit up immediately, curved waist, as if he were to stream sister thanks! The stream is pleased to go。 Autumn has e, the stream through the crops, and saw the farmer uncle is a bumper harvest this year, flattered, for she helped farmers uncle! Streams in orchard, see we are picking fruit, her naughty to fruit took a bath, fruit happily laughed, look, laugh all red in the face。 A stream of happiness。

  In winter, with a thick layer of ice streams, became our "paradise"。 I and friends in skating together。 "Look," snow!" We cried happily in the water。 For a while, the snow stopped, we are a big snowman on the stream。 Snowman smile more happy, to see it so happy, even we smiled happily。

  Hometown river like a kindly mother, care for us。 I love you, hometown of stream!







  my home town is a beautiful place。 it stands beside a wide river and is rich in fish and rice。

  but in the old days it was a poor and backward little town。 many people had no work。 they lived a hard life。in 1949 my hometown was liberated。 since then great changes have taken place there。 the streets have been widened。 factories, schools, hospitals, cinemas and theatres have sprung up one after another。 the life of the people is greatly improved。

  I love my hometown。 all the more i love its people。 they are working hard so as to make it still richer and more beautiful。


  I love the motherland, love people, love mom and dad, love my hometown - shaoxing more! "The long no water, sweet shaoxing wine。" Simple and honest in shaoxing people has created a generation of great men。 Shaoxing is a of the famous historical and cultural city, bridge township, the winelands, of course, is also a tourist resort。

  I love my hometown river, its green let a person enchanted, like a green and clean water。 And like a wall, every one in shaoxing, guarded day and night。 It clear enough to let us see the fish in the water。

  I love the hometown of the shade, it's lush leaves open to all around, as if in to meet one another out-of-town visitors。 Its branches grow again and again, as if in said to us: "you want to study well, like I grow higher and higher, the more to learn, the better!"

  I love my hometown, because it is in shaoxing people carried out the construction of the place is so beautiful。 The original was narrow and the road is not flat。 Only a road, there is no "sidewalk", "bike lanes" and "motor vehicle", so the traffic is very chaotic。 See now of the road, not only big and very clean。 Added "non-motor vehicle lanes," that's great! Home town house is really high! Layers of buildings like a giant, standing in front of our eyes。 Want to know before house wasn't so big, always use the Chinese style tile roofs。 And opposite a low wall of bungalows, look terrible, but not so spectacular!