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  【我心中的英雄英语作文 篇一】

  When people say the word "hero", what will you think? Do you have a hero in your heart? Maybe your hero is a famous singer, a movie star or a great-man. But my hero is around me, who gives me more love than others. She is my mother, the hero in my heart. My mother isn't great in the way of a famous singer or a movie star. She does nothing big, but what she does make others inferior. From her, I learn a lot.

  When I was a baby, she taught me how to walk and how to speak. When I go to school, she helps me solve many problems. She also tells me be kind to others. When I do badly in study, she encourages me and tries to cheer me up. My mother is a teacher, and she is always busy with her work. When she corrects students' homework, she is always very serious. My mother is responsible to all of her students. She cares much about students study and life, and she tries her best to help students in need.

  My mother is a loving mother, a qualified teacher, and a real hero in my heart.




  【我心中的英雄英语作文 篇二】

  Of all theChina's medalists, Liu Xiang is the hero of my heart. I will never forget the time when he broke through the finishing line first and won men's 110 meters hurdle final and got a gold metal in 2004 Athens Olympic Games. Since then, he became a sport star of my heart.

  However, things turn bad when he quitted the list from the 110-meters hurdles owing to a foot injury in 2008BeijingOlympic Games. Some people started to blame him and questioned if Liu Xiang can really be a real star. But in my heart, I still believe that my hero will never give up. He not only won the gold metal but also broke the world record. It’s the pride ofChinaand it means that Asian people can also make some achievements in track and field. What’s more, his sportsmanship sets us a good example of human spirit of transcending oneself. As a sportsman, he never gives up, no matter what kind of trouble he comes across. Although he has a foot injury, he overcame it by suffering much pain instead of giving up.www.yingyuzuowen.cn

  In this summer's London Olympic Games, we saw him again. This time, he brought us more moving than regret. He stumbled to the finishing line with great pain. We can't blame him and he will always be my favorite athlete and my hero.




  【我心中的英雄英语作文 篇三】

  The other day the TV reported that a retired school math teacher, Beth Smith, has been volunteering for the past 20 years at a United Nation’s refugee camp in Thailand, helping kids who cannot afford to go to school learn math and English. I was deeply touched when watching the story, especially when the reporter asked Beth why she would spent all her time in a third world country volunteering, she replied, “By helping these kids, I feel I’m doing good for the society, therefore I feel happy.” Her answer made me think about the virtue of helping others, and I realize that she is a true hero in my heart.


  【我心中的英雄英语作文 篇四】

  I think lots of students like the pop singer named Jay. I also like him very much. When he released his first album, I started to buy his album. And I never miss any album of his.

  Do you know as a boy, Jay was called Dull Stupid. But his mother Yeh Huimei, noticed that the quiet, shy boy seemed to dance practically when he heard the Western Pop music she used to play. His mother sent him to a piano school when he was four. When he has grown up, he had developed an ability for instant playing beyond his years. I learned to play the piano from 7 years old to 13 years old. I often feel bored when I practise playing the piano. But Jay was always crazy about playing the piano. I think he really likes music. So I admire him very much, and I call him “hero”.

  I admire Jay. The real reason is when the others all denied him, he never gave up. He tried his best to change his life. I think it is good for everybody. I hope that everyone can learn from him---try their best to do everything. Then I think we will make the grade.




  【我心中的英雄英语作文 篇五】

  Have you ever seen the film"hero"?I think you have .You may like the people in the film.But I don't think they are the real heroes.In my heart,the Chinese astronaut,Yang Liwei is the real hero.He was the first to get to the moon in our country.And the trip to the moon was succesfully made by him,though there were quiet a difficulties,Also,they brought us the courage as well as the knowledge.As an astronaut,Yang works very hard in order to finish the special trip perfectly.So we should learn from him to build our country into a stronger one .We Chinese people are proud of having such a wonderful space hero .


  【我心中的英雄英语作文 篇六】

  For a long time, due to the impact of the extreme leftist ideology, we basically hold a negative attitude on the role played by the KMT and its army in the war. It seems that the KMT and its military’s actions in the war, didn’t relate the overall situation of Anti-Japanese War, and even hampered the victory process of Sino-Japanese War. When the Anti-Japanese War Victory Day, the contribution of the patriotic officials always are touched on lightly, people do not know what great battles the Kuomintang fought in, what sacrifices the soldiers made , and also cannot know how the political leaders use their talent, courage and uprightness to lead the people to defeat the evil invaders.

  In real life, those heroic sacrifice soldiers’ families do not have access to pension. Many meritorious patriotic officers and soldiers of the Kuomintang has been denied for decades, they do not get duly respect, some of them subjected to undue discrimination and even persecution. We should not forget, the Kuomintang anti-Japanese patriotic soldiers had defended this piece of our land and fought in bloodshed, had made outstanding contribution for the independence of the Chinese nation.